Coleman Studios

Ellie Coleman




I grew up in a full house with three sisters and two loving parents. As one of four girls, I have always had the desire to be set apart. But for most of my life, I followed the path of least resistance.  I didn’t venture away from my hometown, Houston, until I attended Texas A&M University. After I graduated with a bachelor’s in business honors and marketing, I began working a corporate job. I knew that wasn’t what I was meant to do, but it was easy for me. It was safe. That all changed when I met Brad Coleman.

Brad has inspired me to pursue my dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. His story has proved to me that they are possible. I'm helping my husband run his business and working with my church's children's ministry; using what I’ve learned in my past as a springboard to dive head first in to my future. My mission is to empower others to achieve their extraordinary purpose, because we all have one.